Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Parrish paleo hunting


Oh New Orleans. How you cause a girl to cheat. Finally a pretty awesome destination for a mock trial competition .... and since I was traveling with 4 boys ages 23-25, I was fairly certain there'd be some trouble in the Big Easy. Beignets. Fried gator. Fried everything for that matter. I have been twice before and never really got the Bourbon Street experience....well now I have. Drinks at Pat O's, singing your heart out at the piano bar, live jazz, and lots of day drinking. So needless to say I got a tad derailed (though that was mostly booze related... I'm fairly certain The Grenade and The Shark Attack are not paleo friendly :), but I did manage to find some caveman approved food while on the road.

First meal: oysters. Now I am not really a seafood girl. Too bad because I guess oysters sans crackers would totally be legit. But man, I cannot get over that texture. Ick. But at least I can say I tried. Which for me, is pretty daring.

Breakfast was definitely easiest. Omelet, bacon, sausage & fruit. Mimosa at least quasi-compliant :). Then for lunch, I went to a place called City Greens. Now really wishing we had one in Atlanta. This place is awesome- salads anyway you want them. I got the Spinach Club, with avocado, bacon, egg, tomatoes & onion on a bed of spinach. They also had a bevvy of Kombucha drinks, which I was in desperate need of as I am certain I did some damage to my gut whilst on Bourbon Street for 10 straight hours the day before.

Kombucha Wonder Drink vs. GT's Synergy: I tried KWD, the pear/ginger version. It was decent, but had some additives like cane syrup. I have tried GTs in Hibiscus and Pomegranite. GTs is all natural and I like both flavors.... so I think I will stick with this brand. Kombucha, for those who haven't tried it, is a fermented drink - so lots of probiotics. And in comparison to using a regular probiotic supplement, this stuff gets your system moving pretty quickly if you catch my drift. I usually drink one over 2-3 days. Nice alternative to water AND healthy bacteria for your gut. 

Now I'm home and back to detox city for me!

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