Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who is this girl?

Do you ever have those moments where you just do not recognize yourself? Hopefully it is in a good way.... but either way, I definitely have been having moments where I'm like, "really, when did I become this girl?" In college, I'm pretty sure my water intake was completely derived from diet coke & light beer. Now I do not drink either.... well not every day all day anyway. I take vitamins. Lost of them. I have been crossfitting for 1 year, which has to be the longest I've committed to a work out routine. Today I got up at 5:45 AM. Voluntarily. I'm slightly worried I will turn into my Dad who gets up at 5 or some other ungodly hour and is all kinds of useful in the morning.... I am typically more prone to hitting the snooze button at least ten times (sorry neighbors) and then speeding through a 30 minute shower/makeup/dress routine. But today I don't know, I was just up. Perhaps its because I was exhausted after last night's workout which included 150 full situps (don't make me laugh today or my abs may collapse) and went to bed at 10:30. Who knows. So I got up, made some coffee, watched some ID discovery & made breakfast & some snacks for later.

Exclusive! Never seen before! Cooked breakfast in my kitchen before 7AM!

Eggs with tomatoes & avocado and left over kale for Bfast. Then for snacks  for later I grabbed some Well Fed Chicken and veggies and whipped up some quick & easy guacamole. Paleo snacking can be hard. I find myself binging on nuts, which is not awesome for my thighs. So I usually mix in some veggies with sunbutter or almond butter, or guacamole. Usually I like to use minced garlic and red onion, but I didn't have onion and frankly I was too lazy for mincing this AM.... but here's the recipe for the easiest guac ever:

Easy Guacamole

1/3 cup chopped red onion
Couple of cherry tomatoes
1 avocado
garlic powder or 1 clove minced garlic
sea salt

Slice your avocado and pop out the pit. I usually cut a crosshatch design with my knife and then scoop out w/ a spoon. Using a fork, mash up your avocado & then add chopped veg, garlic, salt & pepper to taste. Eh voila! C'est fini!


In case you are interested, here are the vitamins/supplements that I am into with some brief, very unscientific reasonings behind taking them.

Multi vitamin: Nature made soft gels. The soft gels are easier to digest & do not hurt the tummy.

B complex: Nature made soft gels. B vitamins are supposed to be good for "turning food into

Fermented Cod liver fish oil: Green Pastures soft gel. Ok. This was the biggest splurge of the bunch. There are many benefits to fish oil, like the omega3 intake, but in addition it boosts your immune system and is good for your skin. I have had dry skin on the back of my arms for as long as I can remember and its clearing up. I read a lot of reviews about this brand and they all seem to be accurate. Worth the splurge. Note- I will probably have to break down and try the actual oil because of the cost (pills are way more pricey). Most of the reviews I read said buy the flavored ones if you can. I'll let you know when I do.

L-Glutamine: This was a recommendation from my naturopath uncle for muscle recovery.

Echinacea I work at a courthouse people. That has to be right up there with airports and hospitals on the germ scale. I need immune support, obvs.

Probiotic So I have taken these for a while because of my digestive issues. I cannot really
tell if my change in food habits alone has helped or if these played a role too. So I just keep taking them. Ringing endorsement, eh? These are supposed to help with digestion and cleansing your gut.

Now I am off to the drycleaner and to shock my office by arriving well before 9 AM. Hope you all have a great day! Everyone pray I do not crash at my desk around 3 pm......

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