Monday, April 15, 2013

Post-wod Protein Shakes

At my gym post workout, most of the dudes fill up their blender bottles with water and shake up a protein shake like its required (note those same guys don't stretch, but I digress...). So even though I don't really know everything about why I should drink one, like everything crossfit, I just did what everyone else was doing :) Jk. Well sort of. I know that that you are supposed to eat post-workout and drink lots of fluids to help your muscles heal. Check out this site for more educated info on that topic. I've tried out a couple protein shakes.... and they definitely do fill you up after a hard workout. They also make a great quick, filling breakfast. Unfortunately, I do not know of a paleo or Whole30 approved protein powder, but I think Pure Whey Protein comes in pretty close.

I've tried both the chocolate and vanilla and they are both tasty. Pure comes from grass-fed, free range animals, and is soy and gluten free. It does contain dairy & small amounts of sugar and stevia. Post-wod, I use 1 scoop + 4 oz So Delicious Coconut Milk (unsweetened) + 4 oz water. For breakfast, I like to add a banana & 4-5 frozen strawberries + 4 oz coconut milk....yum! Makes me not miss yogurt so much! This is the brand they sell at my gym, but you can also get it online at Amazon and the like. 

Whole Foods Whey Protein (chocolate): this tastes pretty decent; however, it does not dissolve very well and is not gluten free so I stopped using it. 

Publix Organic Protein (vanilla): I'd stay away from store brand protein shakes. This one was not delicious, gluten-filled and did not dissolve. 

As for the blender bottles.....I see these things everywhere now! They have them at Whole Foods and Target, in all kinds of shapes, sizes & colors. The benefit of this water bottle is it comes w/ a little blender ball to mix your shake if you are on the go.

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