Sunday, March 24, 2013

This week in food and a thought going forward

Here is what I will be eating this week.... AND in record prep time: only 1h15m!! Now to eating & sunday night tv.

I was thinking about the Whole30 this weekend... and the thing is, that is soooo January. I completed the 30 days, sugar/dairy/alcohol/legume/gluten free and definitely did see some changes. Especially with my energy levels. And although I'd like to lose some lbs and decrease my % in that water tank next month.... I think I might take these 30 days to proactively work on moderation. I am still going to eat paleo, but maybe on a saturday I can eat a paleo-fied muffin, or have a glass of wine. I am going to New Orleans in 2 weeks, and Italy later this year....and so really, I think moderation is what I need to work on. So I'm giving myself a pass, at least once a week, to indulge in something not Whole30 but not wholly terrible for me. This has to be the key to sorting out how this works in real life, right? like actually doing it in real life... ah maturity....eventually I will have you totally under my belt!

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